30 YEARS OF LA VENUS - From sub-contractor to complete partner.

With the manufacturing of the postformed panels, LA VENUS completes the natural evolution of a productive course started 30 years ago.
Since the beginning, wrapping is our very first activity.

Located in the Pordenone Province, North East of Italy, and so placed in the largest Italian furniture district, La Venus plans, produces and distributes a wide range of components and semi finished products for both the furniture and the building industries.
From the production of wrapped profiles to the wrapped frame doors, to the postformed products that today we manufacture in the second of the three manufacturing facilities referred to LA VENUS.

A new unit that has been opened in 2007, formed by machineries and equipment with large capacity and versatility, from where we can produce doors, end panels, shelves, tops, even with complex shapes and sharp radius (mm 1.5 and up).
The technology for postformed products allows to operate in several furniture market niches, in the various settings. Our components become our customers’ finished product, this is the awareness that drives both our strategic and ordinary decisions.